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2020: A New Dawn

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

It’s an understatement to say that 2020 has been a very difficult year with the world facing unprecedented challenges. We are rapidly changing how we go about our daily lives and we have had to adapt to continue with so many things we take for granted. In living memory a sense of community has never been needed so much.

What unites us and brings us a sense of community is the sport of Rugby League and the lifelong friends we make through it. Our fiercely proud northern town has always had a thriving Rugby League community and nowhere more so than here at Rochdale Mayfield.

Thanks to the determination, hard work and sacrifice good people have made over the years and the people who continue this hard work, we have built something Rochdale can be proud of. We have built a Rugby League family.

Like most families we have faced challenges but we have always pulled together in times of need. We need each other now.

The new committee have taken the helm at a particularly challenging time but we are genuinely excited by this challenge and firmly believe it marks the beginning of a new era. A time where our club will come back stronger than ever before and go from strength to strength.

To symbolise this new era we have reimagined the Rochdale Mayfield crest. Whilst we wanted to recognise and celebrate our proud history and traditions, we felt it vitally important to recognise the monumental part Rochdale Mayfield Mustangs have played in making us the club we are today. Therefore, we are very proud to have their emblem embedded in our crest from this day forward. It may be cliched but these young people are the future of our club and our future is bright.

Behind the scenes there are already significant changes happening which we aim to communicate to you all in the coming months. Rest assured, these changes will mean the club is protected for future generations, build new bridges and ensure we have a transparent relationship with all our members.

We are united. We are strong. We are Rochdale Mayfield.

Neil Ramsden

Rochdale Mayfield Chairman

On behalf of the Rochdale Mayfield Committee

August 2020

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